MS NETWORK SOLUTIONS Inc. is a team of highly skilled business and technical specialists that are strongly committed to assisting our clients in developing and implementing the correct solutions for their specific business needs. Whether it’s computer networking, wide area network setup, secure the Network, Software development, Customize software implementation, Hardware setup and supplies, Voice Network setup, we are ready to meet our clients’ demands. Our company is committed to offering its clients the highest quality communication services with a combination of efficiency and long-term stability.

MS Network Solutions Inc. provides the quality service that creates mutual success for the benefit of our clients and us. Our main focus is to provide reliable, secured Data and voice Network setup, hassle free and easy-to-use software service and also provide World Top Brand Network and Telecom Accessories to our valued clients. Meet the specific telecommunications needs of a wide range of geographical and cultural areas throughout the world and provide the E-Commerce Solutions, data and virtual private networking services

IT and Telecommunication industries has constant technological changes. Typically, these changes are rapid and challenge the ability of businesses to maintain efficient organizational and employment structures and the changes that will affect business more and more as move further into this new century. The most significant indicator of a country’s growth is considered to be its utilization of information technology. The latest concept in information technology is the Internet and better known is the information super highway and the telecommunication. The Internet, vast network of cables and satellites that links together countless computers, can make communication cheap and instantaneous. The world can be brought to your fingertips through the effortless exchange of ideas and information.

Last 9 years we have been providing our clients the following services:

1. Office Network (LAN and WAN) setup, maintenance, office automation, Interoffice voice network setup, Hardware supply and setup, Network Security setup, Customized software development and support,

2. Telecom  solutions,VOIP switching service, VOIP billing service etc.

3. Computer sales, services, office PABX setup, services, Office security system setup and services, Network server setup and services and maintenances, Network security Firewall and DMZ setup, Mail server, web server setup, Accounting software setup and customization etc.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our services to the highest international standard. We have top class local and international technical expertise and consultants for providing secured and advanced up-to-date IT and Telecommunication services.

We are always ready to meet the forthcoming challenges of IT and Telecom Industry. This is because our understanding of the business and the proactive approach. We adopt in servicing our clients' requirements 24-7 round the clock, which will complement by the emphasis we place on quality and service.



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